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Official Announcement: Mon 16 July

Loveflutter For Sale

Loveflutter, the ‘Twitter Dating’ app challenging Tinder and soon-to-be-launched ‘Facebook Dating’ app is looking for a new owner and CEO on, the world’s #1 marketplace for online businesses.

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‘Twitter Dating’ To Rival ‘Facebook Dating’

Making headlines around the world as the first dating app to harness Twitter timelines on dating profiles, the London-based team are seeking a new owner and CEO with a shared vision to make ‘swiping’ more meaningful and focused on dates IRL. With the green light from Twitter HQ (who have stated will never launch their own dating app), Loveflutter is poised to be the natural alternative to ‘Facebook Dating’ for millions of singles who love to tweet.

Ready To Scale & Explore AI

A ready-made product built across 3 platforms – iOS, Android, and web – Loveflutter is ready to scale and monetize off the back of huge global awareness in 2017. With 70k users in 100+ countries on zero marketing spend and A-list partnerships spanning the UK and USA (incl. Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook) Loveflutter has the foundations to become a significant challenger in a lucrative $3bn dating industry. An exciting partnership with Toronto-based scientists Receptiviti AI puts Loveflutter at the forefront of harnessing AI in dating.

More Than A Dating App

What sets Loveflutter apart from it’s rivals is a user interface designed to express both personality and looks, together with venue discovery technology to encourage matches to meet IRL, teaming up with Foursquare to highlight date ideas nearby. Offline, the brand has strong ties to the science community, partnering with the likes of Science Museum London and New York Hall of Science for sell-out events, that got the world talking.


Loveflutter is making waves in the hottest space around, ‘dating’ is the new social. With ‘Facebook Dating’ imminent this Fall, ‘Twitter Dating’ is the natural competitor. If you’re excited to shape the future of dating and have the expertise to leverage Loveflutter’s strong market position, we’d love to hear from you.” Daigo Smith, Co-founder | LOVEFLUTTER

We’re excited to have such a high-profile dating app for sale on Flippa and we’re looking forward to helping find a buyer eager to take Loveflutter to new heights!” Tony Barrett, CEO | FLIPPA

Industry Feedback

Cool use-case!” Head of Syndication | TWITTER

Loveflutter’s progress is very compelling” Partner | GOOGLE VENTURES

If we can help with tech, just let me know!” CEO | FOURSQUARE

Excited to explore the power of AI with Loveflutter” Professor James Pennebaker | RECEPTIVITI AI

Up For The Challenge?

Share a vision to end ‘superficial swiping’ and take the fight to Tinder and ‘Facebook Dating‘? Love everything Twitter? Willing and able to invest? (bidding starts at $150k USD).

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