‘Promoted Places’ is our effort to keep dating free

‘Promoted Places’ (www.loveflutter.com/advertise) solves a key dilemma faced by rival dating & social discovery apps: how to monetise without charging users for premium features or disrupting the user experience with obvious ads.

Monetizing Via Businesses Not Users

With the recent backlash to Tinder charging it’s users, Loveflutter wants to remain free-to-use and instead monetises by harnessing the apps unique venue discovery technology to shape a new model in advertising for local businesses through ‘Dual Location-Based Advertising’.

Promoted Places’ launches with an initial 20 pilot partners in NYC and London, including bars, restaurants, cafes and quirkier date options including a bowling alley, comedy club and live-music venue.

Industry Backing

“An exciting, new data-driven content advertising model” Paul Frampton, CEO, Havas Media

Promoted Place App Screenshot


Key Headlines

Harnesses Loveflutter’s in-app venue discovery technology ‘Date Ideas’ and ‘Suggest-a-Date’ to serve ads for places nearby to individuals and newly matched couples, the latter taking into account both users’ locations (‘Dual Location-Based Advertising’).

Advertisers pay to appear top in venue search results as a ‘Promoted Place’ across mobile and web, on a ‘cost per action’ performance basis.

‘Great Date Place’ initiative launched in tandem, building a community of recognizable businesses in the dating sphere. Advertisers must be ‘Great Date Place’ approved, ensuring quality venue recommendations, learn more: www.loveflutter.com/greatdateplace

‘Promoted Places’ offers a second revenue stream for Loveflutter, innovating in the dating app space with an existing revenue-generating events division, learn more: www.loveflutter.com/experiences


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