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January 2014, our mission: to make swiping less superficial 😎

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A part-time team of 6, working day-jobs to finance the launch 😅🍕

Finally, Loveflutter landed in the App Store May 2014! 🎉 🎊

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We won awards & the world talked, so much love 😍

Well, some haters @Jezebel 💩 😜haters

We did anything to create a buzz with no budget (yes, that’s us) 😳

Even persuading 🙊 The Science Museum London & New York Hall of Science…

paper bag

Talk-shows talked: Steve Harvey, Sharon Osbourne, ABC News 👄 👏

#140Fact made comedy gold ✨ 😂

But was fame & ambition going to our heads? 😱 We banned the #selfie 🚫


Riding high, with hundreds of thousands of swipes, what could go wrong? 😯

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February 2015 – we ran out of cash 😰 💵

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So we figured out a new💡 way to make money 💰 in dating


Money for coding cool features 💻 and Loveflutter on Android

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2017: We’re back in the game! Making dating less of a game 🎲

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We’ve made new friends to explore the power of language


And found a new match with heaps of personality 😂



Because in real life, looks matter, but what you say counts 📢

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So now you can meet real people 😍 not just Instagram feeds 📷 signup-now-with-twitter

Public Launch: 10 May 2017 | Download or visit www.loveflutter.com

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Team Loveflutter