A New Way To Express Yourself

Bringing the power of 140 characters to dating, All New Loveflutter is the first dating app to team up with Twitter and display tweets on profiles. Log in with Twitter, add recent tweets to your profile and browse Twitter feeds of potential matches in-app.

We’re working with science partners for a new direction in swiping that’s as much about your thoughts, feelings and opinions as it is your looks. Because on a date in real life, looks matter, but what you say counts.

All New Loveflutter is for everyone: sign up with Twitter, Facebook or email.signup-now-with-twitter

See #140Facts, Pictures & Tweets

Swipe with more insight. Along with latest tweets, profiles show a 140 character fact, 6 pictures, details such as work, education and politics, plus any common friends and interests. Now tweets have evolved to include images, emoji, hashtags & GIFs, we’ve made these part of your browsing experience too.


The Science: ‘Tweets Reveal Your Personality’

Spontaneous, opinionated, clever and funny, tweets offer a revealing glimpse into your personality – it’s the real, unfiltered you and the opposite of a polished Instagram feed other dating apps rely upon.

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve partnered with Toronto-based language scientists Receptiviti AI to explore how tweets reveal your personality (see infographic).

“The frequency of certain words in tweets, such as pronouns, can reveal a person’s emotional, social and thinking style. Each entry is like a fingerprint.”

Professor James Pennebaker | University of Texas | Co-founder, Receptiviti AI


 A New Place For Twitter’s 150m+ Singles

By reaching out to Twitter’s 320m users, arguably half of whom are single, we want to turn ubiquitous flirting on Twitter into something real. With anonymous swiping to ‘Like’ or ‘Pass’ on profiles, we’ve created a new private place to declare interest in your Twitter crush without unnecessary public (and often cryptic!) displays of affection on Twitter. With Loveflutter’s in-app venue discovery tool, singles on Twitter have a new platform with an explicit use-case to meet people nearby.

In the first Twitter Dating Survey examining singles’ behaviour on Twitter, 1 in 4 admitted flirting with another user, yet only 1 in 100 turned that flirting into a date in real life. So, people love checking each other out but Twitter’s not the right platform to land a date (96% think Twitter is the ‘wrong place’ to ask someone out).

Making Twitter More Relevant & Fun

As Twitter helps Loveflutter reach a new audience of millions, we like to think we’re helping Twitter become more relevant to a generation more used to ‘swiping’ than ‘tweeting’, giving them a fresh perspective on tweets and perhaps even a reason to sign up. Twitter will always be the best place to find out what’s happening, now Loveflutter is a new place to discover who’s happening.

We’re bringing the fun back to Twitter at a time it could need it the most: talk of acquisition, fluctuating stock price, abusive users and not forgetting, @RealDonaldTrump. As ‘Twitter users are becoming tribal and dividing‘, we’re bringing them back together with a product that’s familiar, useful and fun.


How It Works & Privacy

> To display your 10 most recent tweets simply sign in with your Twitter account or tap ‘Connect with Twitter’ in Settings.

> Non-Twitter users can also sign-up to Loveflutter via Facebook or email and browse tweets of potential matches.

> Loveflutter will never display your Twitter handle or full name; post anything to Twitter on your behalf or alter your existing Twitter privacy settings.

> Users with a private Twitter account are given the option to allow potential matches to read their latest tweets, without affecting the status of their locked account outside of Loveflutter.

> Got a match? Now meet in real life. We encourage you to collect memories, not more matches, by using Loveflutter’s in-app venue discovery tool to arrange a date soon after matching.

About All New Loveflutter

Launched in 2014 with a Twitter-inspired interface, All New Loveflutter has been completely rebuilt for 2017 and is the first project from Loveflutter Labs, an R&D unit which taps into a global collective of science partners and experts.

Are we part of Twitter? We love Twitter and everything 140, so we’re very much aligned but not an official partnership or commercial agreement, we’re simply the first to harness Twitter’s API in this way.

We’re a diverse team of developers and creatives dividing our time between London, New York and Tokyo. We’re known for innovation, bringing new technology and ideas to digital dating, including Google-powered interest matching; Foursquare integration for date ideas; social experiments with science partners; ‘Promoted Places’ and now, Twitter.

We’re building a product that brings people together in real-life. Single and feel like you’ve been swiping in vain? We’re on your side.

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