Crunching data for the New York Times

Our senior data analyst, Fred K, jumped at the chance to work with the New York Times on a study of dating behaviour across the 5 boroughs of New York.

Crunching numbers is his passion so if you’re a single New Yorker or just love stats, take a read of Fred’s insights or read the full NY Times article here.


Key Insights*

Suggesting a Date:

• Users in Staten-Island are the ‘keenest’ to get on a date IRL, followed by users in Manhattan
• Users in Brooklyn send the most messages before suggesting a date.

Messaging users in another borough: 

• Users in Staten Island and Brooklyn are the most active at dating outside their own borough.
• Users in The Bronx are the least active at dating outside their own borough.

Viewing a person’s profile description and image: 

• Users in Manhattan and Staten Island cut to the chase the quickest and want to see the profile image sooner, so are arguably the most ‘superficial’.
• Users in Brooklyn and Queens spend a little more time considering personality before looks.

Log-ins per day: 

• Brooklyn and Manhattan are the boroughs with the most active daters, with Queens not far behind.

Most active hour for dating: 

• Generally the start of the week is the busiest time for dating, with users in Manhattan being highly active on Sundays and users in Brooklyn highly active on Weds.

*The insights are taken from the total data-set of Loveflutter’s New York userbase using a randomised sample of 1k users in each of 5 boroughs to compare like-for-like activity on the app.

Privacy disclaimer: individuals in the randomised samples of users were anonymous and not identified in any research. No data has been passed to the New York Times or any other publication in the collation of these insights.


Team Loveflutter