99 Matches But A Date Ain’t One?

99 problems? We’re paying homage to Jay-Z and defining some new dating terms: it’s all about your DMR (Dates:Matches Ratio) and MCP (Matches Conversion Percentage).

We’re the Science Labs team and we love discovering new metrics. Here’s one calculation anyone single simply must know: how many of your matches have you converted into first dates in real life?

Measure Your Swiping Success

Find out how you, and your dating app, are performing with these new measures of swiping success: DMR and MCP.

What’s Your DMR? (Dates : Matches Ratio)


Simply add up the total number of first dates you’ve been on from a particular dating app (exclude any second dates, no-shows or future dates) then sum up the total number of matches you’ve made on that same app. Express these 2 figures as a ratio to see the true extent of your swiping success e.g. ‘ 0 : 99 ’ means zero first dates from 99 matches 😢.

Calculate Your MCP (Matches Conversion Percentage)

If you’re really into stats 🤓 find out your Matches Conversion Percentage (MCP) the percentage of your matches you’ve converted into first dates in real life.


Decode Your Stats

Check out these scenarios based on our ’99 matches’ theme, including advice from the man himself 😜. The higher your MCP, the better you are at turning digital flirting into dates in real life, a GOOD thing!

Dates:Matches Ratio
Matches Conversion %
0:99 0% 99 problems. Change your dating app.
5:99 5% Numb, want more? Pimp up your profile.
10:99 10% It’s a hard knock life. Keep strong.
50:99 50% Who gon stop you? Sublime swiping!
99:99 100% The Holy Grail. Wait, are you me, Jay-Z?

Collecting Matches Not Memories?

Just like the infamous couple who chatted for 3 years on Tinder without organising a date, we’ve heard more stories of individuals with hundreds of matches yet not a single date IRL. Why are more of you collecting matches not memories from real life dates? Is your swiping behaviour or profile information the cause? Or is the design of the app the issue? We want to learn more so we can make Loveflutter the best dating app for landing dates in real life.

Our Global Dating App Survey #DMR #MCP

We need your help to uncover the extent of the problem. Join in our survey on social media and tell us your MDR and MCP.

Include hashtag #DMR #MCP, the name of the dating app you’ve used and @Loveflutter in your tweet or post. Not keen on going public? No problem, email theteam@loveflutter.com with the subject line: My #DMR #MCP, we’ll keep it anonymous.

If you’ve been swiping on Hinge, Happn, Bumble, Tinder, Loveflutter or other apps we’d love to hear from you. We’ll collate the results over the next 8 weeks and publish a follow-up blog post.