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Official Announcement: Mon 16 July

Loveflutter For Sale

Loveflutter, the ‘Twitter Dating’ app challenging Tinder and soon-to-be-launched Facebook Dating’ app is looking for a new owner and CEO on, the world’s #1 marketplace for online businesses.

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‘Twitter Dating’ To Rival ‘Facebook Dating’

Making headlines around the world as the first dating app to harness Twitter timelines on dating profiles, the London-based team are seeking a new owner and CEO with a shared vision to make ‘swiping’ more meaningful and focused on dates IRL. With the green light from Twitter HQ (who have stated will never launch their own dating app), Loveflutter is poised to be the natural alternative to ‘Facebook Dating’ for millions of singles who love to tweet.

Ready To Scale & Explore AI

A ready-made product built across 3 platforms – iOS, Android, and web – Loveflutter is ready to scale and monetize off the back of huge global awareness in 2017. With 70k users in 100+ countries on zero marketing spend and A-list partnerships spanning the UK and USA (incl. Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook) Loveflutter has the foundations to become a significant challenger in a lucrative $3bn dating industry.

More Than A Dating App

What sets Loveflutter apart from it’s rivals is a user interface designed to express both personality and looks, together with venue discovery technology to encourage matches to meet IRL, teaming up with Foursquare to highlight date ideas nearby. Offline, the brand has strong ties to the science community, partnering with the likes of Science Museum London and New York Hall of Science for sell-out events, that got the world talking.


Loveflutter is making waves in the hottest space around, ‘dating’ is the new social. With ‘Facebook Dating’ imminent this Fall, ‘Twitter Dating’ is the natural competitor. If you’re excited to shape the future of dating and have the expertise to leverage Loveflutter’s strong market position, we’d love to hear from you.” Daigo Smith, Co-founder | LOVEFLUTTER

We’re excited to have such a high-profile dating app for sale on Flippa and we’re looking forward to helping find a buyer eager to take Loveflutter to new heights!” Tony Barrett, CEO | FLIPPA

Industry Feedback

Cool use-case!” Head of Syndication | TWITTER

Loveflutter’s progress is very compelling” Partner | GOOGLE VENTURES

If we can help with tech, just let me know!” CEO | FOURSQUARE

Up For The Challenge?

Share a vision to end ‘superficial swiping’ and take the fight to Tinder and ‘Facebook Dating‘? Love everything Twitter? Willing and able to invest? (bidding starts at $150k USD).

Place Your Bids 

View the listing and place your bid to be the new owner and CEO of Loveflutter at

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99 Matches But A Date Ain’t One?

99 problems? We’re paying homage to Jay-Z and defining some new dating terms: it’s all about your DMR (Dates:Matches Ratio) and MCP (Matches Conversion Percentage). … 


Introducing Loveflutter BLUE

Verified Twitter Users Only ☑️ 

Introducing BLUE a premium version of Loveflutter exclusive to Twitter’s verified, blue tick community. Swipe the most happening singles on Twitter nearby. Date discreetly and know who you’re matching with is interesting and real. … 


A New Way To Express Yourself

Bringing the power of 140 characters to dating, All New Loveflutter is the first dating app to team up with Twitter and display tweets on profiles. Log in with Twitter, add recent tweets to your profile and browse Twitter feeds of potential matches in-app. … 


Our Story

January 2014, our mission: to make swiping less superficial 😎 … 


Our new science partner: Receptiviti AI

In real life, looks matter 😎, but it’s what you say that really counts 📢.

That’s always been our belief here at Loveflutter and we’re excited to team up with some great people in Toronto who share that thinking, albeit from a more scientific perspective!


Now you can add emoji to your #140Fact 😝

When words aren’t enough, say it with emoji 🙉🎉👯🙋😍

Launching today across all our platforms, express yourself by adding emoji into your 140 character fact. Simply hit Edit Profile and choose wisely (we’ve heard the aubergine emoji has more than one meaning 😉).


Never miss a date: introducing Date Notifications

Now you’ve no excuse to miss a date. Today we’ve implemented push notifications on Android and iOS for suggested dates aswell as messages, which means whenever one of your matches hits ‘Find a place to meet’ in the app and suggests meeting up at a bar, cafe or restaurant nearby you’ll be instantly notified.


Loveflutter on Android: sign-up for the beta trial

It’s been a long time coming, we know. But we’re a small team who wants to get things right and unbuggy (is that even a word?), so we’re calling on beta testers to sign up to the Loveflutter for Android trial and share their thoughts good and bad.


Explore similar interests

Because you wouldn’t want to date yourself, would you? That’s why we’ve introduced similar aswell as matching interests on profiles, so you can start a conversation around something new. It makes for more interesting conversation, because ‘hey, we both like Ciara’ doesn’t really cut it.


Swipe towards you, not right

Why do you ‘Swipe Up’ to Pass and ‘Swipe Down’ to Like profiles on Loveflutter? Because we’re different from you know who and the main reason: it feels more natural.


We just revamped your Loveflutter profile

You asked. We listened. The best Loveflutter experience yet. We’ve just rolled out some big improvements to your Loveflutter profile after asking YOU what really matters. Now you can add a selection of personal details, including Education, Work, Politics and Religion. Because looks matter, but it’s who you are that counts.


Introducing Verified Profiles

Real people, real dates. We want to do our best to keep your matches real — that’s why we’re introducing Verified Profiles. Starting today, you may see a verified tick symbol on some Loveflutter profiles.


#AntiSelfieDay is happening

Put the camera away. Just for one day. We’ve fallen in love with the selfie, but has our obsession gone too far? Join in. … 


Crunching data for the New York Times

Our senior data analyst, Fred K, jumped at the chance to work with the New York Times on a study of dating behaviour across the 5 boroughs of New York. … 


Partnering with Icon Films

Today we’re excited to announce our first in-app advertising campaign with Icon Films for the global cinema and home entertainment release of Sleeping With Other People, Will Ferrell’s latest comedy about love and relationships. … 


Our ‘Great Date Place’ Initiative

It’s our mission to highlight unique places and date ideas to our users through Loveflutter’s in-app venue discovery technology so today we’re launching our ‘Great Date Place’ initiative to build a community of recognizable businesses in the dating sphere. … 


‘Promoted Places’ is our effort to keep dating free

‘Promoted Places’ ( solves a key dilemma faced by rival dating & social discovery apps: how to monetise without charging users for premium features or disrupting the user experience with obvious ads. … 


Thumbs up from Facebook HQ #TopSecret #ComingSoon

Given we all had to sign NDA’s today on entering Facebook’s HQ today, there’s not much of a blog post we can write without giving the game away. Here’s some clues for you super sleuths out there: date ideas; dual location-based advertising (a new term we’ve coined btw); monetizing via businesses not users. What would Facebook be interested in? We haven’t a clue… 😉


Loveflutter & New York Hall of Science

We teamed up with NYSCI in Queen’s for one night only to replicate our infamous social experiment Stateside. 2 scientists, 30 guys, 30 girls and 60 paper bags, not to mention 8 different camera crews from various news stations. Who knew the humble paper bag could cause so much of a stir? 😱